*Top Software - News Reader*

Read news in your web browser as soon as you open it. This is an app to read local news and world news from 100 plus top class news channels, using RSS technology. Read local news in your local language. Read news from BBC, Fox news, Google MSN, ABC, Aljazeera and many many more channels. Do not be the last person to hear the news!


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Read news from your most preferred channel selected from a long list of many well known and popular media houses. The very best and most reliable Local news displayed in your local official language. Do not miss anything including latest news and news from a variety of categories like sports, Science, technology, Weather, Entertainment, health and much much more.

Screen capture 1 - Showing the main program window
screen capture 1 image

News Reader Uninstallation Instructions

1. Click on the Start button of your windows OS, usually at bottom left corner of your desktop.
2. A search box will appear on top of the start button. Type "Control Panel" in the search box and and press enter.
3.On top of the search results that appear click on "control panel" and that will take you to your computer's control panel.
4.In your control panel click on Programs then Programs and features.
5.In the programs list that appears find. News Reader
6. Select it and click on the Uninstall button on top of the list.
7. Wait for the popup window, which says, the software has been completely uninstalled.